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Questions & Answers

Following is a list of questions I am frequently asked. If you have any other questions please contact us.

How long do sessions last?

Initial assessments are 45 minutes to 1 hour. Follow up sessions From between 25 - 40 minutes.

What happens on my first visit?

You will be asked lots of questions about your problem. You will then be physically examined, assessed and treated.

How much does it cost?

Standard rates are charged for each treatment session but discounted rates are negotiable with companies or sports clubs having regular referrals.

Do I need to see my doctor first?

No. Many conditions can be treated quickly and effectively without bothering your GP. If it is thought necessary to consult your GP this will be advised by the physio. Those with your own health insurance policy will usually need to be referred by your doctor as a condition of the policy.

Will you click my neck?

No. I have found that more gentle forms of mobilisation are generally more effective and cause less stress to patients.

What is mobilisation?

This is a gentle form of oscillatory movement of a stiff joint to relieve pain and stiffness and improve movement. Mobilisations may be applied to spinal as well as other joints in the body.

What can you treat?

Click on “what we can treat it?” to see a sample of some of the conditions regularly treated with physiotherapy. However physiotherapy is also very useful as a diagnostic tool in the case of unexplained pain or problems which may be of musculo-skeletal or neural origin.

Will I be treated on the first visit?

Yes, as long as you or your condition is suitable for treatment.

How many times will I need to come?

You may be put right on your first visit. More commonly you will be asked to return for a review. This is to reassess the problem and make sure it goes completely. You will be reassessed each time you visit and the treatment adjusted accordingly.

Can I claim on Health Insurance?

Yes. We are recognised by all health insurances except bupa. You will most probably require a referral to physio from your GP before you are able to enact your health insurance.

What treatments will you use?

Treatments are predominantly “hands on” manual therapy. This may involve manipulation, mobilisation, massage, friction massage, passive movements, stretches. In addition you may receive exercises, electrotherapy (including hot & cold) or taping techniques.

Will you hurt me?

Quite possibly, but it should be no more than reproducing the pain you come in with. You should walk out feeling better than when you came in. Sometimes there may be some post treatment soreness but it usually settles within 24/48.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes. Friends or partners are welcome to sit in while you are being treated. Sometimes they can be shown ways to help you at home.

Can I park easily?

Yes. Parking off road is available.

If you have any other questions please contact us or check our links page.